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BravePhoto, LLC runs on the combined talents of husband and wife team Christopher & Brittany Dyer. We don’t end there however, and we would feel terrible if we didn’t mention (even if not by name) that support positions such as lighting, hair and makeup, all combine to create great images. And don’t forget the subject matter either! But forget them, you want to know about us right? We are each skilled and seasoned in areas outside the world of photography and like most people, we see our lives as a continuous process of wake-work-eat-sleep mixed with the glories of vacation, holidays, and love.

BravePhoto as a corporation, began in the fall of 2005 and unlike many photographers who will regale you with stories defining their love of snapping a shutter since birth, we were almost forced into it... by coffee. Yes Coffee. Specifically espresso combined in various ways with steamed milk.

You see, I love those brown beans strained of hot water in just about every form, but tend to need something to do after the caffeine begins its lovely trip through the circulatory system. With the additional component of being an active professional firefighter, spending time absorbing the dark fluid while waiting for the next emergency, I found my eyes start to dart here and there, just trying to work off the caffeine by finding cool things to look at (hey, it’s my crazy theory, let me go with it). So I turned my initial attention and camera toward my fellow emergency service professionals, their lives, duties, and interests.

From there, the unstoppable flood of photography began and has yet to slow down. Between client bookings, we find ourselves taking on photography projects inspired by our friend’s interests.

The BravePhoto team operates with a focus on low stress for both client and photographer. Shoots generally have no set end time, preferring to let the images and the client determine the length of shoot. The shots are built on the mood and the character of the subject, open conversation and an experience much like hanging out by the pool (sometimes it is hanging out by the pool) gives the subject an opportunity to get comfortable with us, while we take advantage of the surroundings all while getting a feel for what will be unique captures in each subject.

We pride ourselves on being adaptable to each client, their needs, and expectations. A scalable service that is expanded to cover large projects or may contract to minimize impact on a given situation.So that’s us! Don’t be surprised if you spot us “stalking” our friends from wooded cover as they go about their favorite activity. We may have a camera or two, maybe some lights, stands, remote triggers, bags, and maybe even a few ounces of coffee in hand as well. I’ll be the one with the Grande Triple Non-fat Mocha (no whip), and Brit may be lugging around the Tall Soy Latte!

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